Reliable Realty is proud to be a full-service company providing everything our valued clients need during their stay. This includes reputable and licensed Excursions (Activities) and Tours.

We offer discounted rates to our clients who rent with us, as well as to our V.I.P. Property Owner Clients.

NOTE:  Our  “Select Vendor Excursion Companies” often offer seasonal rates, and/ or special offers.  Additionally, rates and Excursion Operation dates can change.  Therefore, once you select your top Excursions and submit your request, a Representative from our office (Rosmaylin) will personally contact you within 24 hours to answer any questions you may have.  Rosmaylin can then provide the current rates (with our agency discount), and BEFORE, any payment amount is charged to you.

Most Excursion companies will provide free pick up and drop off right from the parking lot of Reliable Realty's office in El Cortecito... located just a short, convenient walk from most of the short-term vacation properties we manage.

The offers shown on our "ATTRACTIONS" page are a good samples of the most popular attractions/ tours we offer. HOWEVER, these exursions days of operation, and/ or prices may change based on the Season, and the Excursion company changes.

Thank you for securing your Attractions/ Excursions with us!


Pre-Book your Excursion